The Aspiring Commercial Aviator's Suitability Checklist

You Were Born To Be An Airline Pilot If You Can Survive These 5 Unsexy Little-Told Truths That Lead To A Lump On Your Bottom, Sweating At Crucial Biannual Exams, And Painful Meetings With A Divorce Lawyer

Do you have the guts to defy the odds (and gravity) to soar the skies as an airline pilot?

My name is Chow Ping, airline pilot on hiatus with 7,000 hours including wide body and jet command experience 🛩️ I started flying before I could legally drink. Then the airline baptized me in fire. Now I reveal 5 Unsexy Truths about flying on line.

  • Discover the grim reality of the pilot lifestyle

  • How to navigate the challenges of flying on line

  • Decide if you can hack it

  • Consider this FREE email course your suitability checklist — Do You Have What It Takes To Become An Airline Pilot?


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Day 1: “What body clock?” Discover the permanent damage to your bodyDay 2: “What is a Christmas?” Adopt this crucial mental reframe to survive the airlineDay 3: “WTF is on my body!” How to protect yourself from this scary occupational hazardDay 4: “I hate exams.” Why it's not just a friendly suggestion that pilots study for as long as they flyDay 5: “I am a victim of A.I.D.S” What that means and why 30.5% of pilots suffer from it

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